Development of an Amusement (theme) Park

With the growing population in and around the city of Lahore, the demand for services and facilities has multiplied. Although a challenge, this also presents itself as an opportunity for economic development in the region. As Lahore’s significance as a tourism hub develops, it requires interventions of a higher standard. The existing recreational facilities the city offers, although adequate for the time being, do not have the potential to support future tourism activity. The largest amusement park with adventure rides in Lahore at the moment is Joyland, on land measuring around 6 acres. It cannot be considered a theme park as it does not follow a storyline or aesthetic theme. In terms of the customers, 85% are from Lahore and 15% are from Gujranwala (2017 figures). Not only is the quality of recreation substandard, but it also lacks variety, as well as the capacity to host the population of Lahore. In order to both attract and accommodate a significant population, a theme park requires a relatively large land area as well as proximity to the center of a major city. Within the context of Punjab, the city of Lahore with a population of over 11 million, has the potential to support the development of a large-scale theme park. It is the largest city of Punjab and is an ideal location for the development of this kind. Not only is it a recreational facility for the people, but it also provides a variety of economic opportunities to the local workforce and businesses. .
Previous Works and Attempts Project Name Year
1 Pre-feasibility study for the Establishment of Amusement Parks in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad 2006
2 Pre-Feasibility Study OF Amusement Park (2006) in Districts that have at least 3-4 million Population 2006
3 Financial & Technical Feasibility of Shahi Bagh Project LDA 2014

Project Scope
The scope of the project is to design an amusement park (themed) in a land area of approximately 300 to 400 acres, at an approximate distance of 15km to 20km from the city of Lahore.
Proposed Site options

Design Concept
The master planning of the park incorporates the following:
1. Land use development and management plan
2. The municipal services management plan
3. Quality telecommunication infrastructure including public wi-fi services
4. E-ticketing systems
5. Safety and security measures
6. Emergency management plan
7. Implementation outline
8. Preliminary financing and economic structure proposal

The detailed design of the park will incorporate the following:
i. Soft activities (labyrinth, museum, exhibitions, theatre)
ii. Dynamic activities (joy rides, simulations)
iii. Themed activities (cultural rooms, craft making, etc.)
iv. Educational facilities (interactive learning, discovery center)
v. Events (festivals, concerts)
vii. Placement of food stalls, restaurants, lodges
viii. Parking
The project will have its implications in the Punjab Growth Strategy’s vision of “enabling cities to be engines of growth” by utilizing the tourism potential of Lahore to generate economic activity both within the city and in neighboring cities. It also addresses the following aims of Punjab Growth Strategy’s aim to improve livability in cities by focusing on recreational activities. The Urban Unit has embarked upon the process of developing the Punjab Spatial Strategy PSS in close collaboration with relevant departments, local governments, and other stakeholders. The aim of the strategy is to coordinate and align public investments across various sectors over the course of the next twenty years. One of the multiple useful byproducts of the envisioned PSS is the identification of areas across the province that may serve as potential tourism sites[1].
Development of an Amusement (Theme) Park
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