Urban Immovable Property Tax (UIPT)

Tax generation is the most imperative source of government revenue and crucial for economic growth of any country. Taxes are levied in every country to increase revenue for government expenditures. Pakistan, having sixth largest population in the world, is among the countries with lowest Tax-to-GDP ratio in the world. Tax evasion could be reduced by revamping the system by opting pragmatic ways to raise the tax revenue as targeted by the government. Punjab with the population of more than 100 million, is contributing more than 55% of the national GDP. Excise, Taxation & Narcotics Control-ET&NC Department provides services for collection of various taxes and duties under 1958 Act.

The Government of Punjab-GoPb took the initiative in 2011 regarding automation of Urban Immoveable Property Tax system for their business proposes for public ease, as pilot in Sialkot. GIS based UIPT System was aimed at levitating tax generation and plugging leakages of tax revenue. In this regard, a MOU was signed amongst ET&NC Department, the Urban Unit and Punjab Resource Management Program-PRMP. Geographical Information System-GIS based UIPT software was developed inholding approx. 114,480 number of property units with the potential of implementation across the entire province. After successful completion of the pilot project with an approximate raise of 25% in property taxation revenue, GoPb desired to expand the same in five large districts (contributing 70% revenue) including Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan & Rawalpindi in ‘Phase-I’.

UIPT Phase-I was on track in 2013, beginning with establishment of data labs for the purpose of data entry, parcel mapping and allied activities. First step towards computerization of UIPT system was conversion of paper registers into the digital realm by scanning of manual registers PT-1 (Property Details) & PT-8 (5 years tax payment record).A comprehensive Management Information System-MIS was delivered to the department in 2014-15 with executive provision of routine tasks. Next Step was acquisition of Satellite imagery for parcel mapping & survey data preparation. Afterwards, android based door to door survey was conducted for data verification and integration of MIS with GIS by hyperlinking property pictures. Data Centre was established to manage huge data traffic, bulk of daily transactions and real time impact exhibition. In the meanwhile, trainings were also conducted in each district for capacity building. UIPT system was delivered to the department on 30th June, 2015 pertaining database of 2.2m property units (1.7m existing & 0.5m new) which has been further raised up to 2.4m till 2018-19.

This addition of 0.5m (new/left over) property units in UIPT database, that was an achievement of GIS based UIPT system, brings an approximate gain of PKR 1.5 billion revenue with a recurring effect. Moreover, cost of the project was recovered within the first year of the implementation, which was another milestone setting a precedent of payback within the shortest possible time. GoPb finally decided to extend the same in remaining districts of Punjab as UIPT Phase-II. The existing record of property units totaling 1.7m was entered into the UIPT database & displayed on dashboard. Approx. 2.7m ‘Parcels’ were digitized by using GIS techniques, however, addition of 1m new/un-assessed property units’ is expected after the ongoing survey completion. The revolutionary intervention of technology & automation prevailed in Punjab came out to be a huge success story for revenue generation. The GIS based UIPT system in Sukkur district is in contiguous phase & same will be applicable in Karachi. Moreover, KPK Government has also approached for implementation of GIS based UIPT system in the Province. Standard Operating Procedures for Conducting Survey UIPT System (Domain wise Logins created and Dashboards contains Summary as shown)

UIPT System Domain Wise Dashboard

Online Calculator for Public: Provision to verify property particulars online: (Appeal registration + Data & Challan Verification + Download NOC, PT-1, PT-10, Calculation details) Technical Proposal and SOPs for Conducting Survey are also attached: File:Methodology Technical Proposal & SOPs.pdf File:Urban Immovable Property Tax (UIPT) Article.pdf