Punjab Human Development Forum 2018

Narrative description of Project

The Human Development Forum 2018 was organised by the Planning and Development Department in collaboration with the Urban Unit in Lahore on February 13-14, 201 aimed to bring together Technical Experts, international academicians and private sector organizations on the same platform as government stakeholders, for a broader discussion on human development, with a sub-theme of nutrition.

The primary aim of this forum was to facilitate a constructive dialogue across local & national boundaries, and explore the relationship of key development contributors. The discussion envisioned to take stock of current knowledge – pertaining to not only the economy or growth but also the component of soft development in order to share innovations, and identify cross-sectoral synergies. Accordingly, the expected outcomes of the event included:

1. Strategy on how to best sustain the Developmental Agenda

2. Identifying international and local interventions that work in each sector

3. Lessons Sharing on how to best optimize Multi-sectoral initiatives

4. Agreement on how to best include girls in the Developmental Agenda

5. Devising and understanding way forward for PPP Models in development

6. Understanding how to best engage Civil Society & inculcate a Behavioral Change

The two-day event attracted international experts, national and local professionals from academia, private sector, non-governmental organizations as well as public sector organizations. The event covered six broad themes of Human Development, namely:

  • Inclusive and Sustainable Human Development;
  • Better Healthcare, Better Development;
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development;
  • Education, Skills for a Sustainable Tomorrow;
  • Integrating Development into Population Planning; and
  • Making Nutrition a Priority

The discussion on these domains aimed to discuss initiatives of the government in areas of human development, to identify the best practices and to establish cross-sectoral linkages for partnership and continued development.

The forum was attended by over 1000 delegates and experts, including high-profile government officials – Federal and Provincial, Professionals, Practitioners, Academicians, Development Partners, and Researchers etc.. The forum received overwhelming responses, not only, in the number of participants that attended the forum, but also, in terms of appreciation and policy outputs.

Deliverable of Urban Unit

  • Logo of the Forum
  • CM Secretariat Coordination
  • Security Arrangements for Chief Minister
  • Technical plan and coordination with speakers/moderators for the whole forum
  • Participant confirmations
  • Streamers and Hoardings placement
  • Social media presence (pre-event hype)
  • Guest pick up coordination from airport according to the flight details
  • Coordination for rooms
  • Setup for stalls and relevant branding
  • Invitations and clearance of Media to be invited
  • Extensive Media coverage arrangement at the event, with leading news channels and journalists present
  • Ushers Management during the event
  • Publications corner
  • Completed Folders with Agenda, Panel Booklets, Technical Session Booklets, Notebook, and pens to be distributed at registration
  • Human Development Forum - Minutes Day 1& Day 2
  • Press Release and All Newspaper Clipping & Press Report Compilation
  • Human Development Forum - Report

Media Report of Punjab Human Development Forum 2018

In lieu of the upcoming Punjab Human Development Forum 2018, the Urban Unit worked towards ensuring an extensive pre-event, during event and post event media coverage. This exhaustive media coverage, presence of journalists, participation of bloggers and constant updates of twitter and social media allowed local as well as international participation in the forum and further the agenda of human development in the province.