Punjab Economic Forum 2017

Narrative description of Project

The forum aimed to review the overall economic situation of Punjab including the current situation of the economy, key performance indicators, strengths and weaknesses, and identification of areas where the province lag behind in terms of economic performance. This exercise allowed Punjab to analyze the areas in which policy attention is required to improve the standing of economic status and enhance the facilitation system towards the citizenry. The forum also proposed solutions to further strengthen the economy.

Objectives of the Forum

  • Review of Overall Economic Situation of Punjab
  • Review of Draft Punjab Economic Report
  • Review of Punjab Growth Strategy (2015-18)
  • Formulation of Policy Options and Instruments
  • Show-case Economic Initiatives

Outcome of the Forum

The forum provided inclusive and sustainable economic outcomes, based on the principles of engagement across the province, by generating key discussions on urban improvement, industrial growth, public private synergies and human capital facilitation. In specific the tangible outcomes will be:

1. Punjab Economic Report: This outlined the government stands, challenges and potential solutions for economic growth. It also landscaped economic opportunities to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth and identify our shortcoming on which we can improve.

2. Review of Punjab Growth Strategy: This was made possible with the help of top tier academicians, development practitioners, private sector stakeholders, government officials and analysts. The review further strengthened the vision of the Punjab Growth Strategy by incorporating in it expert opinions and alternative thinking processes of these highly acclaimed actors.

Deliverable of this assignment

  • Designing and finalization of Forum Logo
  • Concept Note finalization
  • Event Brochure and Flyers for 6 Sessions
  • CM Secretariat Coordination
  • Security Arrangements for Chief Minister
  • Technical plan and coordination with speakers/moderators for the whole forum
  • Participant confirmations
  • Streamers and Hoardings placement
  • Social media presence (pre-event hype)
  • Lodging and Boarding of all guests
  • Coordination for rooms
  • Food Arrangement for the participants and guest speakers
  • Overall branding of venue
  • Invitations and clearance of Media to be invited
  • Extensive Media coverage arrangement at the event, with leading news channels and journalists present
  • Ushers Management during the event
  • Publications stalls
  • Completed Folders with Agenda, Panel Booklets, Technical Session Booklets, Notebook, and pens to be distributed at registration
  • Human Development Forum - Minutes Day 1& Day 2
  • Press Release and All Newspaper Clipping & Press Report Compilation
  • Punjab Economic Forum - Report