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Welcome to the Knowledge sharing portal for urban unit. Overview The Urban Sector Planning and Management Services Unit Pvt. Ltd. (The Urban Unit) is a knowledge based organization striving to inculcate the sense of proportions among key stakeholders to manage rapid urbanization and improve the standard of living of the people of Pakistan. It has been able to change and redefine the narrative of development in the country; from dogmatic adherence of rural development models towards harnessing the benefits of agglomeration, industrialization and creation of 'system of cities' for accelerated economic growth. The highly qualified and professional staff of the Company is working towards realizing the gains of urbanization in the province of the Punjab as well as Pakistan; developing and implementing the products, models and solutions, for sustainable, inclusive and prosperous cities.

Our Expertise The Urban Unit was established in 2006, as a Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Planning and Development Department under the Government of Punjab. In 2012, the PMU was transformed into independent private sector company, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and fully owned by Government of the Punjab. Its mandate is to give policy advice and services to public and private sector organization in the areas that include inter alia Housing & Urban Planning, Urban Transport, Solid Waste Management, Water & Sanitation, Urban Economics & Municipal Finance, Institutional Development, Capacity Building, and Services Delivery Improvement.

Our Forte We are leaders in developing capacity building methods as a cornerstone of technical assistance through close interaction with partners. We provide expertise not only in technical areas of Spatial Planning, Governance, Economic Development, Information Technology, Water & Sanitation, Solid Waste Management, Land Management and Municipal Finance, but also in the delicate skills of Communication, Branding, Marketing and facilitation and stakeholder engagement. We provide IT based tailored solutions, developed in-house, considering the requirements of our clients.