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21st century is the era of knowledge management - a process which is systematic and based on active management of ideas, information, and knowledge residing within organizations and institutions. There is information, data and institutional memory and knowledge available that is not being fully transformed into organization learning for improved decision-making and governance of cities. Re-conceptualizing the idea and discourse of development planning and decision making with transparency for building on the existing local knowledge; the knowledge management is key expertise of the Urban Unit with all solutions. [1].

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Learning Resource Center

The Urban Unit Learning Resource Center is significant demonstration of translating ideas into practice. The center acts as an information and learning forum that provides an opportunity to cope with urban development challenges through research and information dissemination to stakeholders. Resource Center is the commanding symbol of learning journey from data to information, knowledge, wisdom and to cognitive authority. [2] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


LRC has three sections to accommodate the different types of collection and users


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LRC adorned with 20,000 volumes. Collection based on Books, Research Material, CDs/DVDs and soft collection UULRC Catalog _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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