Energy Audit & Energy Efficiency Improvement Program (PCGIP)

Government of the Punjab, Pakistan with financial assistance from the World Bank, is implementing “Punjab Cities Governance Improvement Project (PCGIP)” for strengthening systems for improved planning, resource management, and accountability in five large cities of Punjab i.e. Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi.

The project utilizes a result-based approach and, consistent with this focus, the disbursement decisions to the city and its entities are based on achievement of pre-specified results, referred to as Disbursement linked Indicators (DLIs) which reflect priority elements in furthering the Government’s urban agenda, critical at the provincial level, within the existing legislative, regulative and policy framework of the Government. DLIs includes intermediate outcomes, incremental steps and results contributing to improved efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and service delivery during and beyond the project life by building capacities , system and processes .

Disbursement Linked Indicator 4 (DLI -4) aims for improvements in own source revenue collection system that encourages the City Local Government (CDGs), Development Authorities (DAs) and Service providers (WASAs) to bring improved systems for revenue enhancement. This DLI is linked with the initiative of WASAs to carry out the Energy Audit for resources conservation and efficiency to improved service delivery, accountability and own source revenue.

One of the proposed actions & initiatives to enhance revenue was to conduct energy audit of WASAs to reduce the power cost by various systematic analysis of the energy use and finding out the energy management opportunities. WASAs each year incur significant cost. It was Rs. 4,697 million in 2014 year for energy/Electricity bills, with an installed capacity of approximately 131 MW for 5,663 Million Gallons per Day (water management), which can be reduced through detailed energy audit and implementing its findings.

In the context of existing scenario energy audit of WASAs is a technical and efficient way to obtain energy analysis and savings through improvements that optimize pumping systems of tube well stations and disposal stations to operate efficiently with significant cost saving.

The Urban Planning and Management Services Unit, Pvt. Ltd. assigned NEC Consultants Pvt. Ltd to conduct energy audits of WASAs in Punjab in five major cities of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Multan and Gujranwala.