Development of LWMC Communication Strategy and Execution Plan

LWMC Communication Strategy

Project Brief

The overarching aim of the LWMC Communications Strategy was to effectively promote waste management to Lahore’s residents by motivating residents and communities to take responsibility for managing their waste in a more sustainable way.

The following were the key objectives of LWMC’s Communications Strategy that were used in the development of a communications plan as part of the requirements of LWMC’s Communications strategy.

  • Increase general target audience awareness and use of LWMC waste management services.
  • Disseminate key messages in a structured and pre-planned approach using all possible mediums of


  • Advocate waste collection and recycling through education, stakeholder engagement and innovative

communication activities.

  • Implement a mechanism to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of LWMC’s communication activity

and respond to stakeholder feedback.

  • Facilitate advocacy, education and awareness through innovative, visually appealing and engaging

communication material.

  • Improve internal communications to ensure the delivery of consistent messages and encourage crossorganizational involvement in communications.

This Communications Strategy for LWMC build upon the strengths and addressed the gaps in LWMC’s communication efforts for the long-term effectiveness and productivity of its Communications efforts.

Tasks performed by Urban Unit

1. Consulted and provided an overview of Communications Strategies (related to solid waste management) carried out in the country or South Asian region.

2. Carried out consultations with key actors and communities and make an inventory of similar projects and communications tools developed by LWMC.

3. Developed a 2016 – 2017 communication strategy for LWMC, making sure to:

  • identify target audiences/communities;
  • identify the branding and marking fro LWMC
  • identify key messages for each target audience;
  • identify specific needs in terms of communication
  • identify available communication methods and means and those that ought to be used by LWMC
  • Link the target audiences to each of the communication means;

4. Put forward a priority communication action plan for implementation at the local level during the intervention period, including outreach seminars, conferences, community-level workshops and competitions.

5. Developed a media plan and identify suitable products and transmission channels (press releases, press briefings, press conference, editorial, articles in specialised journals, documentary, interviews etc.)

6. Action plan for revamping the existing LWMC website

7. Assisted the LWMC in drafting terms of reference and support the process involving the empowerment of one or several communication agencies to implement the communication plan.

8. Potential for media tours of successful results of LWMC activities.

9. Developed media outreach techniques specific to LWMC requirements.

10. Developed, wrote, and designed a media kit to use at a variety of events and for different target audiences.

11. Developed media reporting and archiving templates.